EVENT: Healthier drink choices for company events

Friday 24th November

2.30PM to 4PM

Sponsored by The London Essence Company and Business Healthy

Club Soda, the Mindful Drinking Movement, are running a seminar for businesses and corporate caterers as part of their next Mindful Drinking Festival. They will share insight gained from customers and venues as part of their work with businesses in the City of London.

Alongside London Essence, Business Healthy and caterers working in the City, Club Soda will share unique insights into the types of drinks people want to consume when they are not drinking alcohol. This includes:

  • Growing interest in the amount of sugar and calories
  • The ingredients in drinks as well as food
  • Why guests are looking for ‘sippability’ and actively shun coke and orange juice
  • Why it is not about taking anything (alcohol) away, but instead giving everyone permission to do something different and to make healthier choices
  • Why alcohol-free drinks now taste so much better than before
  • How to make sure nobody feels out of place if they are not drinking
  • The new range of 0% – 0.5% ABV products, and why there are so many new brands coming onto the market.

Attendees can then taste some of the best drinks on the market, curated by Club Soda for their two-day Christmas Mindful Drinking Festival at Spitalfields Market.

Club Soda co-founder Laura Willoughby MBE said:

“There is a real disconnect between what people want to drink and the way the alcohol-free options are ordered and served at events. Bottles of coke and cartons of orange juice have become a bad habit, rather than a conscious decision. It is time for this to change, and we call on all businesses to rise to the challenge by treating all their staff and guests equally – whatever they are drinking.”


The Club Soda Mindful Drinking Christmas Festival will be hosted by Old Spitalfields Market on Friday 24th November from 12 noon to 8pm, and Saturday 25th November from 12 noon to 6pm.


Laura Willoughby MBE | | 07968708703



  1.     The number of people in the UK going teetotal is growing. 20.9% of the UK adult population don’t drink at all, and over 5 million (1 in 4 drinkers) are looking to change their drinking habits.
  2.   In the UK, sales of low and non-alcoholic beer grew by 20.5% over the 12 months to July 2017.
  3.   A full press pack with everything you need for background, photos, facts and figures can be found here:
  4.   What is Mindful Drinking? Hell, we are not stick in the muds! You could be on a diet, cutting down on booze, or just not drinking tonight, but still want to have something nice to pair with your meal.
  5. The London Essence Company is a range of skilfully crafted drinks, designed to capture the truest flavours of the finest botanicals. No artificial sweeteners, flavours or preservatives. Naturally light and low in calories.
  6.   Club Soda is a mindful drinking movement that helps people change their drinking habits, whether they want to do a sober sprint, drink more mindfully, or go alcohol-free. Visit and – we are available for quotes, case studies, information and advice for your articles all year round.