Summer 2020 drinks

Virtual drinks stalls

Heineken 0.0 Mustang Sunset

A Model Brand

This is the space to briefly introduce your brand. Tell everyone something about it – we will divide the pages into categories for easier browsing (beers, wines, spirits etc) so you don’t have to spend time on that, but feel free to give more details. The buttons below will have links to more information, and we will cut your intro text to about this length to keep the pages consistent!

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Another brand

On images – as you can see, the format is landscape, 800 x 533 pixels ratio, so please send us images that fit that shape as well as possible! We can edit them slightly, but using a square from Instagram for example means that we will either need to put white space on both sides, or cut out some of the image – it rarely looks as good as the original…

🇳🇿 flags here indicate the major markets where your drinks are available!

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Kashmiri Tea House

A third one

The last, 4th button: this is where you can announce your live “Meet the maker” event – send us the details and we’ll include the event in the daily Festival programme, and add the link here as well, so people can find your event and join at the right time. Just create a Zoom account, set up a meeting, and be there at the right time to talk to festival attendees about your drink!

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