Virtual 2020 influencer special offer

Here are the special offers for our hosts and panelists. Please check the availability of each offer before contacting the brands.

Champs – A 60% discount to our ‘My Mental Wealth’ health & wellbeing coaching programme. A simple but powerful way to create and cultivate your own wellbeing toolbox when you are not sure how or where to start. My Mental Wealth is the online health and wellbeing coaching platform gives you the following benefits; You’ll know how to invest in your mental wellbeing by trying different aspects of health and wellness. You will be supported by trained experts on your journey to thrive and flourish
You will kick-start your knowledge of how positive psychology can help you flourish in life and face the demands of the 21st Century. You’ll be able to build a growth mindset and be part of like-minded individuals developing their Mental Wealth. The link to access the offer is website with further information is

VRYeveryday – use “ClubSoda” at checkout or this link for 15% off formulas and sets:

Wild Life Botanicals – Please contact us if you would be interested in helping to promote Wild Life Botanicals and our key message #bubbleswithbenefits in exchange for free products. We are also open to competitions, affiliate links, and paid partnerships.  USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Rest of Europe.

Altina – Drinks: free product for Australian influencers who have not received our products yet. No qualification, would like to correspond to find a good fit. Australia.

GIN-ESQUE – Free Supply. USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Rest of Europe.

The Original Small Beer – Very happy to send product for enjoyment and review, as well as exploring possible partnership opportunities. Always happy to have the conversation. (just .co) and USA, Canada, UK, Rest of Europe.

KINDA Spirit – Free bottle of KINDA Pink Gin minature or full size, must have a strong interest and knowledge of the alcohol-free spirits market. UK, Rest of Europe.

Celtic Marches (Holly GoLightly & Pulp ciders) – 10% off purhcases. Contact to request free samples. UK.

NONSUCH – 5% discount code and 10% of all revenue generated using that code. No restrictions. UK. 

Ritual Zero Proof – 20% off Order (US only) currently not shipping internationally). USA.

Fungtn – We would love to send some free product on launch, so you can be part of our story and delve into functional drinking and the fascinating world of mycoadaptogens! Fans of great alcohol free craft beer, healing foods and wellness. 10K + followers, engaged audience around innovative products / plantbased /vegan. USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Rest of Europe.

Slange Var – 25% discount off trial 500ml bottle. As part of our commitment to minimise the impact of climate change, a tree is planted for every purchase. Customers are given the option of dedicating a tree to a loved one at no extra charge. Minimum reach of 5000 followers based in the UK and Europe. Ideal audience is affluent, health conscious and enthusiastic about products that are committed to sustainability. UK, Ireland, Rest of Europe.

Nirvana Brewery – Products in return for reviews and 10% discount code for their followers 3K+ followers. UK. 

Sobrii 0-Gin – Samples for review. We will review each request. USA, Canada.

3/4 OZ – Free Product. Looking for influencers with a following of over 4k and willing to review product. UK, Ireland.

Nona June – Free small sample and 25% off Full size Bottle. We are looking for influencers that will review product and have a following of over 4k. UK, Ireland.

Jump Ship Brewing – Free product for review UK shipping only. UK.

Thomson & Scott – Sample bottles and discounts. To be discussed and all influencers can be considered on merit. USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Rest of Europe.

Caleño Drinks – Bespoke discount code. Sober curious & health & fitness influencers with minimum reach of 5k. UK. 

Sea Arch – Free product and discounts to be discussed/agreed. UK. 

Highball Cocktails – We can offer free cases of our cocktails as well as a 25% discount on purchases via our website. UK, Ireland, influencers with followers/community of over 5k, in the sober/no-lo category but also more broadly in wellness and also in pregnancy/mothers/families space too, and anyone who reviews food and drink.

GOOD KOFFEE – An interesting and mutually aligned creative collaboration or discount on product or free product. UK.

Curious Elixirs – Free product for promotion. USA.

Allotment Drinks – Free sample pack of 3 x 275ml bottles., UK, Ireland.

Sapiens Beverage Company – Affiliate program with commission. USA.

Square Root – For anyone under 10K followers a free taster pack of our AF G&T and Negroni Spritz for review, anyone above 10K a free Mindful Drinking Case and a bespoke discount code to share with your followers. AND UK.

Drynks Unlimited – A mixed case of SMASHED beer and cider for each influencer which includes TWO brand new drinks; Smashed Pale ale and Smashed Berry cider. UK.

Saicho – Free samples for review. UK.

Miss TeaSmith – Free products. UK, Ireland, Rest of Europe.

Boreal Botanical Brewing – Free review product, 10% commission on tracked sales. USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, Rest of Europe.

Mockingbird Spirit – 20% off and FREE SHIPPING with code MINDFUL20. Redeemable via the website or email for more info. USA, UK, Ireland.

Wise Bartender Join our tasting team, where you are sent free drinks in exchange for thoughts and reviews :). UK. 

Sexy AF Spirits Influencers with 5000+ followers Sexy AF will give
1) FREE product for you to review,
(max 1 bottle of each ViirGiin, Kamparii, Triple Sexy & Amar-Oh to be reviewed) ** let us know if you wish to review 1, 2, 3 or all 4 products
2) FREE product for you to giveaway to fans, (max 1 bottle of ViirGiin, Kamparii, Triple Sexy and Amar-Oh to be given away in alignment with your review(s)
3) FREE Sexy AF T-Shirts for you, (let us know what size, colour and saying you wish to receive)
4) FREE Sexy AF T-shirts to use as fan giveaways, (1 medium women’s and 1 large men’s shirt will be sent to you)
Sexy AF Aficionado
5) Influencers who review 1,2 or 3 products will be listed on our website as a “Sexy AF AFicionado” with links to your social media
6) A “Sexy AF AFicionado” gets a 5% off discount code for your fan base,
7) A “Sexy AF AFicionados” gets a 10% affiliate commission,Sexy AF Spirit Guides
8) Influencers who review all 4 products will be listed on our website as a “Sexy AF Spirit Guide”
9) “Sexy AF Spirit Guide’s” get a 10% off discount code for your fan base,
10) “Sexy AF Spirit Guide’s” get a 15% affiliate commission,
11) All Influencers get first taste of new products as developed,
12) All Influencers get first look at new Sexy AF SWAG for 2021
13) Your review(s) will be shared in our newsletter
14) Your review(s) will be shared across all social media platforms, credited and linked back to your account
15) Your review(s) will be listed on our website
16) Any recipes you may create will be credited to you and included in our online fan recipe book.
Contact: USA, Canada.