Festival FAQ

What is a Mindful Drinking Festival?

The Mindful Drinking Festival will have a range of innovative low and no alcohol drinks to taste and buy, tasting events with the producers, talks, workshops, and much more. The Summer 2020 Festival will be a global virtual one, so some things are a bit different this time…

And what’s this “mindful drinking”?

It could be cutting down on alcohol. Or doing a sober sprint. Or even going completely alcohol-free. It is really up to you. We try to explain in more detail here.

Who or what is Club Soda?

Club Soda organises these Festivals. We are a Mindful Drinking Movement, supporting people who want to change their relationship with alcohol, helping everyone find new drinks, and much more. You can find out more about us at the Club Soda website.

So you’re against alcohol?

Not at all! We have nothing against alcohol (in moderation). There are plenty of beer festivals and other such events, and that’s great. But at these festivals we usually only have drinks that are either alcohol-free, or under 0.5% ABV (you may call them “low alcohol”, “alcohol-free”, or “non-alcoholic” depending on your definition, legally it’s all a bit complicated…). At some Festivals we may also have a few lower alcohol drinks – these will always be clearly marked for anyone who isn’t interested in them.

How much does it cost?

Nothing! The Festival is free to attend for everyone. We do ask that you sign up to our mailing list in advance though, as we will use daily emails to tell you about the programme for each day. Just click here to sign up.

Where and when is the next festival?

The eighth Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival will take place virtually from Thursday 30th July to Sunday 2nd August 2020, due to the Covid pandemic.

Ok, what do I get if I sign up to your emails?

We will keep you updated on all the latest festival news via email: what drinks, talks, and other fun stuff to expect, and any practical things you should know in advance. And we will share the daily programme via email each day of the Festival. You will also hear about all the other mindful drinking events we organise. Sign up here.

How do I find the drinks at this Festival?

Each participating drink brand has a “virtual stall”, with some basic info about them, and links to further information. Click on “Drinks” at the menu at the top of the page to find all drink listed by category (Beers, Wines, Spirits etc). 

Where can I buy the drinks?

Each virtual stall has flags to indicate what locations the drinks are available in. And each stall also has links to more info:

  • For all the drinks available in the UK, click on the Club Soda Guide link – we try to list as many retailers there as possible
  • We also have a link to each brand’s own website – many sell their drinks online, and they often also have a “find a stockist” page with more shopping info
  • In the UK, Wise Bartender is our online shop partner – you will find many of the Festival drinks there, and you can create your own mixed cases to try many different drinks
  • For the UK and US, we have also collected info on the drinks available from Amazon – check here for Amazon UK and for Amazon US to see what’s available (sadly we can’t do the same for any other location…)

Where can I see the programme of talks?

Click on the “What’s happening” menu at the top of the page to find the programme for each of the four Festival days.

How do I join the talks and panel discussions?

All the talks and panels are broadcast live to both the Club Soda Facebook page and YouTube channel – click on the link to either of those at the right time – the links are at the top of every programme page too!

On both channels you can also write comments, which the presenters and panelists can see, so they are able to answer any questions from the audience. Please note that the comments you write are public, and will be visible to anyone watching on Facebook or YouTube, either live or later on.

You can watch the programme on YouTube without registering. but you can’t comment if you’re not registered.

We have more detailed information about joining the live streams here.

What about the Sober Lounges?

Sober Lounges are interactive virtual rooms where you can chat to other festival attendees. They will all be hosted by someone, and you don’t have to say anything if you don’t feel like it – you can just watch and listen! They are on Zoom meetings, and the timings and links are given on the Sober Lounges programme page. We have some more info about joining the Lounges here.

What is the right time to watch something live?

We have given the timings for everything in four time zones. They are:

  • bst =British Summer Time (i.e. UK and Ireland)
  • aest = Australian Eastern Standard Time
  • edt = US Eastern Daylight Time
  • pdt = US Pacific Daylight Time

If you are in any other time zone, you will need to figure out the right time for you! Here’s a website that will convert any time zone into any other.

Are any of the drinks suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes! Many if not most of the drinks will be vegan, but do ask if you’re not sure though – some of them may not be – especially the beers and wines.

What about gluten-free?

It is safest to ask the vendors if you want to be sure.

Is it child friendly?

Yes, although many of the talks and panel discussion will contain adult themes, so please check before you let children watch any.