Conditions and Guidelines


To book a stall and trade at the Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival all producers must comply with the conditions and guidelines below.

By paying for a trading plot/exhibit stand you agree to abide by these conditions and guidelines.

Payment and cancellations:

  1. Stall fees are to be paid within 21 days of booking. Details of how to pay can be found on the website.
  2. Appropriate documentation (as detailed on the booking form) must be provided at least 5 working days prior to the Festival.
  3. Trading plots will come with no infrastructure unless purchased separately.
  4. Traders who are hiring tables should bring a table cloth or other suitable covering with them.
  5. The festival manager will be responsible for allocating stall positions and has the final decision.
  6. Cancellation of a booked festival date must be notified to at least 15 working days before the event.  Failing this full payment is required.
  7. Club Soda reserves the right to cancel the festival for health and safety, operational or related reasons.

Licensing and glass

  1. The Festival does not have a license to sell alcohol though traders will be allowed to sell products under 0.5% ABV.
  2. Reusable plastic glasses/cups will be prevalent on site and traders are therefore urged to encourage customers to use these wherever possible. Failing this, please try to make all packaging recyclable and no glass apart from the bottles which your product comes in.


  1. Stallholders must be set up by 12 noon with arrival time after 10am and before 11.15am; the festival will be open for trading between 12noon and 6pm.  Producers must not set up or close down during these hours, except at the discretion of the Festival Manager.
  2. We recommend Hi Vis safety waistcoats be worn at the beginning and end of the festival when loading /setting up.

Parking and vehicle access

  1. Car parking is not available on site and no vehicles will be allowed to enter the square unless they form part of the stall infrastructure or are for refrigeration purposes. In this instance the festival coordinator must be notified in advance.
  2. There is a small residents car park in the square that may be suitable for short drop offs – traders will not be able to stay longer than 5 minutes.
  3. All vehicles, when on festival premises, must have their hazard warning lights in operation. All vehicles must park in the areas provided.  Parking for large vehicles is available but limited, please ask for entry.

Collaboration and promotion

  1. Producers may be asked to supply information to the festival organisers about their trade for the purpose of evaluating the impact of the festivals and for planning future festivals.
  2. All producers will act to support the objectives of the Festival and abide by the rules in operation.
  3. Traders with social media accounts are asked to make reference to the event.

Health and safety

  1. It is the stallholders’ responsibility to provide a safe environment around their stall.
  2. Toilet and hand-washing facilities are available at the Bermondsey Square Hotel. Any further requirement for hand-washing should be provided by the stallholder and meet environmental standards.
  3. All stallholders using bottled gas for cooking purposes must have a suitable fire extinguisher (within its service period) on their stall.
  4. Traders supplying a foodstuff must be registered with their local Environmental Health team
  5. All products must be traceable and conform to any Trading Standards requirements.
  6. Products should be well displayed and presented with honest and informative labelling. Please refer to Trading Standards website for more information.  No unsubstantiated claims should be made.  Only produce certified by a registered body can be labelled organic.  
  7. Traders must not smoke whilst at their stalls, or on the festival.
  8. Traders are responsible for safety, and sanitation and must abide by the local authority guidance and other relevant regulations.
  9. All stalls and surrounding areas should be kept clean and tidy by producers.  Stall areas must be left clean at the end of the festival. All rubbish generated must be removed by producers when leaving the festival. Each producer should keep compostable waste separate and ensure that a recycling policy is being implemented as part of their business operation.
  10. Prices should be displayed clearly and comply with legal requirements.
  11. Traders must maintain public, employee and product liability insurance for £5 million.

Please email any questions to Alex the festival coordinator at

Club Soda 07968708703