Conditions and Guidelines

Club Soda Alcohol-Fee Off-License Pop-Up Shop – Brand booking Terms & Conditions

To be featured at the Club Soda Alcohol-Free Pop-Up Shop, all brands must comply with our terms and conditions. By booking a listing for your drinks, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions.

The Shop concept

“The Shop” is the Club Soda Alcohol-Free Pop-Up Shop at 59 Great Portland Street, London, from 13 December 2021 to 30 January 2022. It will feature a wide range of alcohol-free drinks, and also host a number of events.

Brands can buy a listing in the Shop by booking a specified amount of shelf space, using our online booking system. The only way for a product to be sold in the shop is by booking and paying for a listing.

There are further promotional opportunities in addition to the basic listing; these are booked separately and may have their own additional terms and conditions.

Sale of drinks

Listed brands will be requested to deliver their products to the shop at specified dates, and in specified quantities (there is limited storage space in the shop) at their cost.

Club Soda will sell the products during Shop opening hours, and at selected events. As soon as practicable, Club Soda will provide all listed brands with the total sales of their drinks, and the brands’ share of the revenue (40% of retail sales revenue net of VAT). Brands are then requested to invoice Club Soda for their part of the sales revenue.

Listed brands are asked to provide Club Soda with information about their products, including the retail price to be used in the Shop. Club Soda reserves the right to sell all listed products at a discount to the public.

Brands are invited to collect any of their remaining unsold products from the Shop premises during the first week of February 2021. Club Soda can not post, deliver, or in any other way return unsold stock.

Stock for sampling

If a brand wants to use their product for sampling in the Shop and at related events, they are requested to deliver products for sampling free of charge at specified dates, and in specified quantities (there is limited storage space in the shop) at their cost.

Bookings and payments

Listing, promotion and all other fees are to be paid promptly after the online booking. Club Soda will send out an invoice to the full amount. If payment is late, Club Soda reserves the right to cancel the booking.

Although we have indicated the shelf locations in the booking process, Club Soda reserves the right to make changes to all shelf positions if necessary for operational or other reasons, and will have the final decision on these.

Club Soda reserves the right to cancel the Pop-Up Shop for health and safety, operational or force majeure reasons. If it is possible to change the venue, or the event date, Club Soda will transfer all existing bookings to the new venue and/or date. If it is not possible to move the event, Club Soda will endeavour to refund all paid bookings.

Licensing and allowed drinks

The Shop currently has no license to serve or sell alcohol, so only drinks up to 0.5% ABV can be listed.

The Shop shelving will be marked by drink category – the same categories are used in the booking process.

Collaboration and promotion

All participating brands are asked to support the objectives of the Shop, and to promote and publicise the Shop via their social media, websites, etc.

Trading standards, product information

All drinks sold at the Shop must be traceable and conform to any Trading Standards requirements.

Brands will be asked to supply nutritional and other relevant information about their drinks to Club Soda for the Shop.

Brands need to share with Club Soda honest information about their products. Please refer to Trading Standards website for more information. No unsubstantiated claims should be made. Only products certified by a registered body can be labelled organic, fair trade, halal etc.