Conditions and Guidelines

To book a stall and trade at the Club Soda Mindful Drinking Festival at Spitalfields Market, London, on 28th July 2018, all traders must comply with our terms and conditions. By paying for your stall you agree to abide by the terms and conditions below.

Bookings, payments and cancellations

  1. Stall fees are to be paid within 14 days of booking. Payment can be made either by credit or debit card on our website, or by bank transfer (we will email you an invoice). All required documentation must be provided at least 15 working days prior to the Festival.
  2. Some trading plots come with standard infrastructure (2m x 2m metal frame with table and canopy) provided by Spitalfields Market, for others you will need to bring your own tables, gazebos etc. Please let us know exactly what you will be bringing in advance.
  3. We recommend that you bring a tablecloth or other suitable table covering with you.
  4. Club Soda will be responsible for allocating stall positions and has the final decision on these.
  5. Cancellation of a stall booking must be notified to Club Soda in writing at least 21 days before the event. A full refund, less £20 admin fee, will then be paid by Club Soda. Failing this, no refund will be paid.
  6. Club Soda reserves the right to cancel the Festival for health and safety, operational or force majeure reasons. We will endeavour to refund all paid bookings in such situations.

Licensing and glass

  1. The Festival does not have a license to sell alcohol, so traders will only be allowed to serve and sell drinks up to 0.5% ABV.
  2. Please try to have as much of your packaging and tasting and serving cups etc recyclable as possible, and avoid glass glassware (apart from the bottles that your product comes in).


  1. Stallholders must be set up by 11am, with arrival time on site between 9am and 10am, unless otherwise agreed in advance with Club Soda. The Festival will be open for trading between 11am and 6pm. Traders must not set up or close down their stalls during these hours, except by prior agreement with Club Soda.
  2. We recommend Hi-Vis safety waistcoats to be worn at the beginning and end of the Festival when loading/setting up.

Parking and vehicle access

  1. Car parking is not available on the Festival site, and no vehicles will be allowed to enter the site unless they form part of the stall infrastructure and have been agreed with Club Soda in advance.
  2. There are two drop-off / pick-up points on Brushfield Street: one at the main entrance to the Festival site, one further up the street. We will share the full details of these and other logistics with you separately.
  3. There is very little parking anywhere near the Festival site,so we recommend you plan accordingly, and book ahead (we will share some recommended parking spaces with you).

Collaboration and promotion

  1. Traders will be asked to supply nutritional and other relevant information about their drinks to Club Soda for the Festival website and booklet.
  2. All traders are asked to support the objectives of the Festival, and to promote and publicise the Festival via social media, on your website, etc.

Health and safety

  1. It is the traders’ responsibility to provide a safe environment around their stall. This includes any electrical appliances, cables, etc, which must be in good working order.
  2. Public toilets and handwashing facilities are available at Spitalfields Market. Any further requirements for handwashing should be provided by the trader and meet all relevant environmental standards.
  3. If you are planning to use bottled gas for the purposes of heating drinks, you must notify Club Soda, and get permission from Spitalfields Market, in advance (additional terms and conditions will apply in this case, e.g. you must have a suitable fire extinguisher (within its service period) on your stall).
  4. Traders must not smoke whilst at their stalls, or elsewhere on the festival.
  5. Traders are responsible for safety and sanitation, and must abide by the local authority guidance and other relevant regulations, and all instructions from Club Soda and Spitalfields Market.
  6. All stalls and surrounding areas must be kept clean and tidy. Stall areas must be left clean at the end of the Festival. All rubbish must be removed before leaving the Festival (there are bins and recycling facilities on the site). Each trader should keep compostable waste separate and ensure that a recycling policy is being implemented as part of their business operation.

Trading standards, insurance

  1. Traders supplying a foodstuff must be registered with their local Environmental Health team.
  2. All products must be traceable and conform to any Trading Standards requirements.
  3. Products should be well displayed and presented with honest and informative labelling. Please refer to Trading Standards website for more information. No unsubstantiated claims should be made. Only produce certified by a registered body can be labelled organic, fair trade, halal etc.
  4. Prices for sales should be displayed clearly and comply with legal requirements.
  5. Traders must have valid employee, public, and product liability insurance cover for a minimum of £5 million, and provide evidence of this insurance to Club Soda by 29th June 2018.