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8.30am bst / 5.30pm aest / 3.30am edt / 12.30 am pdt

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Are you a mindful drinking/sobriety/lifestyle blogger, podcaster or Instagrammer? Join our special pre-festival workshop and briefing. Get top tips from expert content creators, learn how to monetize your influence and learn more about the products at the festival and how you can get the best photos, videos, and blogs for your profile. Join Mark Livings from Lyre’s, Millie Gooch (aka Sober Girl Society), Millie Milliken Deputy Editor of Imbibe UK and Annie and Bianka from We Want to Be Better.

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Cocktails with Lyre's

10am bst / 7pm aest / 5am edt / 2am pdt

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Lyre’s have crafted their spirits to taste just like the classics they pay homage to. Join Jeremy Shipley from Lyres will demonstrate a few cocktails you can make at home using the Lyre’s range (if we are lucky their Amaretti Sour and maybe a Mai Tai!) and chat to the cocktail maker and Instagrammer Margarita Mum about what makes a great alcohol-free cocktail and how you can make them effortlessly at home!


The best AF beers in Australia NOW

11am bst / 8pm aest / 6am edt / 3am pdt 

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Join Jon Bullock (Rad_Dad_Jon) and Club Soda’s beer expert, Anja Madhvani Taste the best of the low and no alcohol beers in Australia, including Big Drop Brewing, Upflow, Heaps Normal and Sobah. Pick up beers to join in on the day or drink later from Craft Zero in Australia or Wise Bartender in the UK.

Integrating Low and No alcohol drinks in your venue

Hospitality Focus
12pm bst / 9pm aest / 7am edt / 4am pdt

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With people making healthier switches in response to Covid, what can you do to integrate more low and no into your venue? Hear from venues who have got this right. Hosted by Zanna Mercer from the Understudy and Drink Bright, Luke Whearty from BYRDI in Melbourne, James Alcock from The Local Larder & Wine Bar in Brisbane, Dan Crowther from the Hedonist in Leeds, Millie Milliken Deputy Editor of Imbibe UK and Tom from Wise Bartender. Their practical advice will help all venues take the next step to meeting consumer demand for low and no alcohol options.

How do low and no alcohol venues make money?

Hospitality Focus
2pm bst / 11pm aest / 9am edt / 6am pdt

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Cash margins on alcohol-free drinks are pretty good, and consumers are moving towards premiumisation as they begin to value the benefits of opting for a quality low and no offer. But how have venues that serve a large proportion of or totally alcohol-free products made it work? Join Vaughan Yates from the Virgin Mary in Dublin with other venue owners including Chris Marshall from Sans Bar in Austin, Sam Thonis from Getaway BarLorelei Bandrovschi from Listen Bar in New York and David Burgess from Fugitive Motel in London.

Today’s “Meet the Maker” Live sessions

5pm bst 🇬🇧 3/4oz Meet the Maker

Watch at any time:

Clean Liquor Meet founder Spencer Matthews
Fungtn Meet founder Zoey
ISH Meet founder Morten in the ISH Bar
Nine Elms Meet the Team
Highball Cocktails Meet Founder Kate
Nona Meet founder Charlotte
Good Koffee Meet the founder with an introduction to Socially Uplifting Coffee Drinks
Boucha Kombucha Meet the Maker Bryony Orsborn
For Bitter For Worse Meet the Maker Shelley
Sipling Meet Founder Avnish

Mindful Drinking Festival slideshow

Scotland's low and no creators

5.30pm bst / 2.30am (Friday) aest / 12.30pm edt / 9.30am pdt

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Meet the innovative brands made in Scotland. Scott Gemmell from Liquid Academy will take you through the beers, spirits and adult offerings available from Scottish makers, and demonstrate the best serves including Atopia, Slange Var, Nuisance Drinks, Jump Ship Brewing, Feragaia and Westbeer’s Nix.

In conversation: Ruby Warrington and Spencer Matthews

6.30pm bst / 4.30am (Friday) aest / 1.30pm edt / 10.30am pdt

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Journalist and author of ‘Sober Curious Ruby Warrington meets reality TV star turned founder of low alcohol drink Clean Liquor Spencer Matthews. What led to them each ditching the party life and quitting drinking? Is it possible to be sober and still go to the party? And how has changing drinking transformed their lives?

Men Drinking Mindfully

7.30pm bst / 5.30am (Friday) aest / 2.30pm edt / 11.30am pdt

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Join Martin Tod, Chief Executive of the Men’s Health Forum to discuss how men are beginning to change their drinking habits and the challenges and barriers they still face, from peer pressure to the fact that the online spaces are largely dominated by women. The panel includes Ruari Fairbairns from Scotland-based One Year No Beer, Club Soda member Anit Chatrath, Antony Moss a Professor of Addictive Behaviour Science at London South Bank University (do ask him about his pop-up pub lab!), transformational coach Shea Boland from the States and Dan from Boozebreak Podcast.

Eat Drink Laugh Dance Repeat

8.30pm bst / 6.30am (Friday) aest / 3.30pm edt / 12.30pm pdt

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Get into the party mood at the end of the day. Hear from Camille Vidal from La Maison Wellness about how you can order with confidence and also lower the strength of your drink when out. Sober Sommelier Alex Norwood Hill will broaden your horizons about what you can drink with food. Amber Tozer, author of Sober Stick Figure will offer up the laughs, and finally we will get some top tips and top tunes to help us dance sober from Carly Benson, Founder of


12am (Midnight) bst / 9am (Friday) aest / 7pm edt / 4pm pdt

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Are you a mindful drinking/sobriety/lifestyle blogger, podcaster or Instagrammer? Join our special pre-festival workshop and briefing. Get top tips from expert content creators, learn how to monetize your influence and learn more about the products at the festival and how you can get the best photos, videos, and blogs for your profile. Join Ashleigh Murray, Global Senior VP of eCommerce from Lyre’s, Khadi A. Olagoke from Sober Black Girls Club  and Shea Gomez from NoBoozeBabes hosted by Emily Lynn Paulson.

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Getting Started as a Mindful Drinker

1am (Friday) bst / 10am (Friday) aest / 8pm edt / 5pm pdt

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Where do you begin? How do you set a realistic goal and do you have to start with the aim of being alcohol-free? Find out how to take the first steps. Hosted by Laura Silverman of The Sobriety Collective, alcohol-free accountant Kevin Bellack, Karolina Rzadkowolska from Euphoric AF and Heather Lowe from Ditched The Drink.

In Conversation with the Authors of Sober Lush

2am bst (Friday) / 11am aest (Friday) / 9pm edt / 6pm pdt

🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇦🇺 🇳🇿

The Sober Lush by Amanda Eyre Ward (author of Reese Witherspoon’s March pick, The Jetsetters) and Jardine Libaire (who just co-wrote a movie starring Shailene Woodley, Endings, Beginnings) shows you how to live a full, blissed-out life without alcohol. You can take “an adult snow day” to unwind, indulge in the taste of the richest chocolate cake, or concoct a perfume to conjure memories of adolescence. You can make sobriety an exercise in how to stimulate all five senses—high from the challenge itself. The session is moderated by Jenn Kautsch (AKA SoberSis). Find out more about how they filled their book with exercises and essays on how to live fully, and beautifully, and healthily. Buy the book: Amazon UK // Amazon US // Amazon AUS.