Events October 2018

Challenge of socialising sober

The Challenge of Socialising Sober


This lively discussion will bring together people with differing experiences of socialising sober.

Hosted by journalist Penny Taylor and featuring writer and broadcaster Carl McDougall, River City actor Steven McColeLucy Rocca founder of Soberistas, Muslim boxer Sannah Hussain and Jen Tree a moderate drinker from Club Soda.

Heineken® 0.0 Perfect Pour Challenge

Heineken® 0.0 - Five Star Serve Challenge

Timing to be confirmed!

Everyone thinks they’d run the best bar if they had the chance… well now is your moment! Heineken® 0.0 is giving Mindful Drinking Festival goers the chance to pull the perfect pint, using the famous Heineken® ‘five star serve’ technique, all under the watchful eye of Heineken’s Global Master Brewer, Willem van Waesberghe.


A VIP Tour of Glasgow's Chastity Gin

A VIP Tour of Chastity Gin

Throughout the day

Scotland’s Chastity Gin has all the taste sensation of a small batch gin but with none of the alcohol – and it launches here today.

Meet founder Roddy, and learn more about the carefully selected botanicals to achieve the perfect nose and mouth feel, and discover the best ways to serve this new and unique drink.

Cocktail Making

Cocktail Competitions

Ready, Steady, Shake … Think you can give top mixologists a run for their money? Fancy creating a cocktail on the hoof? Think you can make the taste of Scotland in a glass…

Glasgow’s most mindful mixologist grand slam. Watch the professionals battle it out!

History of Drinking in Glasgow

BEVVIED - The History of Glasgow Boozing in 20 swallies

Grab a drink, and join Drink Wise Age Well for a discussion about Glasgow’s pub and drinking history in 20 objects. What was important about the pubs of our past? Are the pubs today that different? What clues does our historical relationship with the pub have to our drinking culture today? 

The Drop Inn

The Droothy Bothy

We often put off big lifestyle changes (like running, cutting down drinking and dieting) for our future self to do. But what if you decided to tackle your relationship with alcohol now? What could the future you look like?

Drink Wise Age Well invite you to their pub the Droothy Bothy. Grab a pew and have a blether with someone who can point you in the right direction: What a future you could look like with less alcohol.

Fermented drinks workshop Janice

All About Fermented Drinks

Nourished by Nature founder and passionate fermentation expert Janice, from Slow Food Glasgow will talk about Kombucha and Water Kefir. She will highlight the health benefits and explain the processes involved; all presented in a fun, information packed session. A selection of delicious kombuchas and water kefir will be available to sample at both workshops, at 1:15pm and 4:15pm.

Club Soda Lab

Club Soda Lab

Come along to the Club Soda Lab and join in our research into how low and no-alcohol beer is sold! What do you look for on those decorative bar pump clips in pubs? Do you want to know how strong your beer is, or if it’s low calorie, low carb, or vegan? Where do you look on restaurant drinks menus for your alcohol-free drinks? Do you prefer them to be in their own section, or would you rather they were just treated as “normal” drinks? Have a play in our lab, and you may even win a box of alcohol-free drinks delivered to you home!