Wines and Wine Alternatives

Here are some places where you can buy the Festival drinks – but check on each brand’s own website and Club Soda Guide as well!

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Founded by Dr Henry Lindeman in 1843 and globally awarded for over 175 years, Lindeman’s is renowned for consistent quality and timeless appeal. Our winemakers use the Spinning Cone method to gently remove alcohol while retaining the great Lindeman’s taste. These wines are the perfect food pairing and are available at several stockists worldwide.

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Nine Elms No 18


NINE ELMS No.18 is an intricately crafted non-alcoholic drink specifically designed to complement good food. It is not meant to emulate wine, but does share many of wine’s characteristics, providing a satisfying and inclusive alternative for food lovers choosing not to drink alcohol. The sensorial complexity of NINE ELMS No.18 is derived from the marriage between the botanical extracts & distillates of 20 different flowers, herbs and spices, and the juice of 4 types of berry. Live: Meet the Team (at any time). Competition: Win a cocktail set with Nine Elms!

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Edenvale alcohol-free wines


Crafted from the best of earth and science, Edenvale’s alcohol removed wines are a unison of Australia’s world-renowned winemaking traditions and the most advanced alcohol removal technologies. Maintaining all the flavour, characteristics and varietal integrity of alcoholic wines, the Edenvale range delivers a real wine experience, just without the effects of alcohol. With a wine for every taste and preference, there’s an Edenvale that’s perfect for every occasion. In UK, buy online from DryDrinker.

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Altina Drinks

Altina Drinks

Finally, an alcohol free option that tastes as good as it looks! Powered by plants with a focus on native and refreshing flavours, our bottled Zero Proof craft cocktails will add a touch of sophistication to your occasion. Our products are designed to be chilled and poured and contains only natural ingredients with no added sugar, random numbers and artificial flavouring. Special offer: use Mindful12 at checkout on for a 15% discount on orders over $80.


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Boucha Kombucha

Boucha Kombucha

Boucha Kombucha is an organic wine-style kombucha. This zesty, crisp and sparkling non-alcoholic green-tea drink is bursting with healthy enzymes and antioxidants, and has been created by artisan brewers using notes of gooseberry and quince to create a flavour profile with echoes of a dry white wine. Special offer: 20% off a case or more over the weekend using code MDFEST2020. Competition: sign up to the newsletter over the weekend to win a case of Boucha.

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Thomson & Scott

Thomson & Scott Noughty is arguably the best 100% organic, vegan non-alcoholic sparkling Chardonnay on the market. World-renowned believed it was possibly the best alcohol-free wine they had tasted. It avoids unnecessary sugar in the production process and answers the growing demand of those living an alcohol-free lifestyle. Made from organic Chardonnay grapes, Noughty is dealcoholised using a specialised method, enabling the natural flavours to remain. Special offer: 10% off for the duration of the festival with code MINDFUL2020 (Mainland UK only – 1 case minimum). Meet Noughty at the Wine Occasion tasting (Sat 12pm bst) and the Champs Mental Wealth panel (Sun 7pm bst).

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Sapiens Beverage Company wines

Sapiens Beverage Company

We sell wine without alcohol (0.0% alcohol by volume) because you deserve elevated nonalcoholic options. Low calorie. Vegan. No sugar added. Halal-certified. Try our Cabernet Sauvignon and Sparkling Rosé. Special offer: 10% discount with code CLUBSODA10.


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Saicho Sparkling Cold Brewed Tea


Saicho sparkling teas are brewed for one simple reason, to be paired with food; Darjeeling, with notes of muscatel, nectarine and wood spice pairs well with grilled meats; Hojicha, a roasted green tea from Japan has notes of seaweed, roast chestnuts and molasses and pairs well with mushroom risotto; and Jasmine, which has a rich creaminess and delicate floral aroma pairs well with creamy desserts. 20% discount code: MINDFUL2020.

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Wild Life Botanicals

Wild Life Botanicals

Wild Life Botanicals is an ultra-low alcohol sparkling wine infused with an uplifting elixir of five fabulous botanicals and eight active vitamins and minerals each chosen for their health-giving properties. This unique English bubbly is crafted in Cornwall, with each glass delivering a minimum 15% of your daily reference intake. At only 0.5% ABV and less than 35 calories per glass, Wild Life Botanicals champions a ‘no limits’ lifestyle. Put simply… #BubblesWithBenefits® Special offer: Go Wild and enjoy 20% off when you order a case of Wild Life Botanicals during the festival with code MINDFUL20. Competition: Win a Wild Gift Box! Wild Life is also part of the “Wine Occasion” event on Sat 12pm bst.

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