Soda Bar Mindful Drinking Festival

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Sharing our passion for your products

For Club Soda, our Festivals are all about introducing mindful drinkers to the products they will fall in love with – from alcohol free beers to craft sodas.

This is an audience that is curious about what’s on offer and passionate about their health. They are open to switching their loyalty to new drinks brands and will always want to try something new.

Our 2018 and 2019 Festival stalls all sold out. In January 2020 we will return to The Old Truman Brewery in London’s Brick Lane for our seventh Mindful Drinking Festival.

Bookings for the January festival stalls are now open. Click here for the info deck. Once you’ve decided which stall option you want, head to our online shop to make your booking.

We have different sponsorship opportunities for this and future festivals: the blocks below are just some of the possible options we can discuss.

And if you can’t be there yourself, you could always get an advert into the Festival booklet which we will be giving out for free to all attendees.

If you have any questions, or would be interested in opportunities at other Club Soda events, or want to be added to our drinks producers email list, just email Jussi at

Mindful drinkers are:

25 – 55 years old, enjoying a rich social life
Mostly working full-time and looking to adopt healthier habits
Prioritise spending on healthier drinks, food and fitness – looking for taste and quality.

Visitors to this event:

80% ABC1

65% female

85% of visitors eat out at least twice a month

Bermondsey Square Hotel

VIP Events

Want to run a competition for a VIP tasting experience with your brand?

We usually have a room reserved for us at the Festival site. You can book a spot to whisk people off on a discovery of your product.

The time is yours to use as you wish, so plan to amaze your fans and make this a great experience…. and share on social media!

Guitar music

Sponsor the music stage

We have some pretty awesome music lined up for our visitors whilst they eat, drink & relax.

You can cover the “stage” and the music promotion with your brand.

Contact for more details.


Mindful Drinking Festival bag

Sponsor the festival bags

We want festival goers to take home lots of product, so we will have lots of bags…

… and they could have your logo and website on them if you like!                                                  

Contact for more details.

Mindful Drinking Festival glasses

Sponsor the festival glasses

We can also produce festival glasses*!

Everyone who arrives will get one, with the festival logo and sponsors’ logo or website on it.

Contact for more details.

(*hard polycarbonate actually)



Make mine a virgin

Want do so something else ...

As you may know, we are a pretty flexible bunch here at Club Soda, and are always open to ideas.

We want each event to be the best festival ever, so reach out to us if there’s something  special you’d like to do.

Contact for more details.