Real Kombucha Tasting Table

Our tasting areas are designed for you to meet producers and do a deep dive into their product.

Throughout the day the Real Kombucha Tasting Table will host a range of producers from the festival, including Real Kombucha themselves.

Real Kombucha

1pm | 1.20pm | 1.40pm

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Discover a new way of drinking if you are dodging the drink. Come and experience Real Kombucha, the best tasting kombucha (it’s just fermented tea) on the planet. 

The Real Kombucha Tasting Table, situated just inside the hotel entrance, will showcase our three kombuchas including: the rich apple and caramel Smoke House, the pear and lemon Dry Dragon and the floral and elegant Royal Flush. Alongside each of the Real Kombuchas, you will have the opportunity of tasting the teas that produce all the flavours of our brews. Come and see how we use a first flush darjeeling tea to make our bottle of Royal Flush, then sit back to experience all the sensations pinging about on the back of your tongue. 

Wine Tasting with Alcohol-Free Shop

3pm – 3.50pm

Join alcohol-free wine experts Alcohol Free Shop. They will take you through the best of their wine range. Discover the process behind creating an alcohol-free wine that retains flavour and texture. 

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Big Drop Brewing with Jane Peyton

4pm – 4.50pm

Join Big Drop Founder Rob Fink, top beer sommelier Jane Peyton, and master brewer Johnny Clayton to discover Big Drop Brewing’s full range, including two new beers launching at the Festival.

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