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12am bst / 9am aest / 7pm edt (Thursday) / 4pm pdt (Thursday)

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Are you a mindful drinking/sobriety/lifestyle blogger, podcaster or Instagrammer? Join our special pre-festival workshop and briefing. Get top tips from expert content creators, learn how to monetize your influence and learn more about the products at the festival and how you can get the best photos, videos, and blogs for your profile. Join Mark Livings from Lyre’s, Khadi A. Olagoke from Sober Black Girls Club  and Shea Gomez from NoBoozeBabes – hosted by Emily Lynn Paulson.

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1am bst / 10am aest / 8pm edt (Thursday) / 5pm pdt (Thursday)

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Where do you begin? How do you set a realistic goal and do you have to start with the aim of being alcohol-free? Find out how to take the first steps. Hosted by Laura Silverman of The Sobriety Collective, Karolina Rzadkowolska from Euphoric AFKevin Bellack, an alcohol-free accountant and Heather Lowe from Ditched The Drink.

In Conversation with the Authors of Sober Lush

2am bst / 11am aest / 9pm edt (Thursday) / 6pm pdt (Thursday)

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The Sober Lush by Amanda Eyre Ward (author of Reese Witherspoon’s March pick, The Jetsetters) and Jardine Libaire (who just co-wrote a movie starring Shailene Woodley, Endings, Beginnings) shows you how to live a full, blissed-out life without alcohol. You can take “an adult snow day” to unwind, indulge in the taste of the richest chocolate cake, or concoct a perfume to conjure memories of adolescence. Moderated by Jean Kautsch (AKA SoberSis). Find out more about how they filled their book with exercises and essays on how to live fully, and beautifully, and healthily.  Buy the book: Amazon UK // Amazon US // Amazon AUS.

Can yoga and meditation help you change your drinking habits

8am bst / 5pm aest / 3am edt / 12am pdt

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Join Raakhee Thompson from Triyoga, Kat Farrants from Movement for Modern Life, Cam Cooney, a Vedic Meditation Teacher and Stephen Marks, international yoga and sleep meditation teacher. They discuss whether yoga and meditation can help you with changing your habits, and why you don’t need to do difficult backbends to gain benefit.

What to drink for the Wine Occassion - Australia

9am bst / 6pm aest / 4am edt / 1am pdt

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Join Sarah Connolly (aka Sober Sommelier) for a showcase of the very best of  Australia’s alcohol-free wines and alternatives, including, ETCH Sparkling, Altina, Edenvale and Lindeman’s.

What are the options for the wine occasion and what do you need to know about alcohol-free wine and wine alternatives.

In conversation with Shanna Whan and Andy Moore

10am bst / 7pm aest / 5am edt / 2am pdt

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Andy Moore, CEO of Hello Sunday Morning , an Australian not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping people who want to change their relationship with alcohol, speaks to Shanna Whan, the founder and CEO of Sober in the Country — SITC is a national grassroots bush charity catching hard-working rural and remote Australians falling through the cracks of overcoming addiction in permanent isolation.

Today’s “Meet the Maker” Live sessions

1pm bst 🇬🇧 Square Root Journey of a Lemon

2.30pm bst 🇬🇧 Jeffrey’s Meet the Makers

3pm bst 🇬🇧 Mocktails Mocktail Masterclass by Ash Massadeh Brand Ambassador

4pm bst 🇬🇧 Caleño Meet founder Ellie

4pm bst 🇬🇧 Drop Bear Beer Meet the Makers

5pm bst 🇬🇧 3/4oz Meet the Maker

3pm est 🇨🇦 Boreal Botanicals Ask the Makers

7pm est 🇨🇦 Boreal Botanicals Ask the Makers

(Dial-in for Boreal: CA +1 587-978-4845 PIN: 417 738 474#)

Watch at any time:

Clean Liquor Meet founder Spencer Matthews
Fungtn Meet founder Zoey
ISH Meet founder Morten in the ISH Bar
Nine Elms Meet the Team
Highball Cocktails Meet Founder Kate
Nona Meet founder Charlotte
Good Koffee Meet the founder with an introduction to Socially Uplifting Coffee Drinks
Boucha Kombucha Meet the Maker Bryony Orsborn
For Bitter For Worse Meet the Maker Shelley
Sipling Meet Founder Avnish
Sea Arch Meet Founders Sarah and Geoff
Jeffrey’s Meet the Maker
Nonsuch Meet Maker Henry

Bartender 2.0

11am bst / 8pm aest / 6am edt / 3am pdt

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Join Camille Vidal Founder of La Maison Wellness  and a leader in the No & Low Movement for a conversation with talented bartenders of London on alcohol relationship, balance lifestyle and healthier habits for new age of Bartenders. It’s time we think forward and build a more sustainable hospitality industry for the community to drink well and live well. Guests include Claire Best from Pernod Ricard, Desi Yatigammana and Alex King from the Artesian Bar at the Langham.

Don’t drink & drive a toxic workplace culture

12.30pm bst / 9.30pm aest / 7.30am edt / 4.30am pdt

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It has never been more important for employers to understand mindful drinking not only to enhance their employee’s mental wealth, but to create workspaces that are positive and inclusive for all. Join Tara Kent, CEO of Champs, as she chats to Laura Willoughby, Co-founder of Club Soda, Laura Uberoi, Council Member of The Law Society and Terri Wood (Freelance Producer & Production Manager) about the undergoing transformation in the workplace.

Training Your staff to sell low and no

3pm bst  / 12am aest / 10am edt / 7am pdt

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Jessy Parker Humphreys is the manager of and Anja is our drink writer (as well as many other amazing jobs she has in the brewing industry). Together they have written an online training programme for managers and staff on how to improve sales of low and low alcohol. Today they share some of the highlights of the training and how to engage your staff in the ultimate upsell!


4pm bst  / 1am aest / 11am edt / 8am pdt

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Lyre’s have crafted their spirits to taste just like the classics they pay homage to.  Join Charlotte Barker, Lyre’s UK Brand Ambassador and Arron Smallman, Founder of Let’s Push Things Forward to talk about exploring sobriety during lockdown and how to make effortlessly delicious cocktails in your own home. They will be making an Amalfi Spritz, Clover Club and Boulevardier.

Meet the winners of the Imbibe No & Low Taste Awards

5pm bst  / 2am aest / 12pm edt / 9am pdt

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Join judges of the low and no award Camille Vidal Founder of La Maison Wellness, Laura Willoughby from Club Soda and Christine Parkinson from Brimful Drinks as they speak to Millie Milliken, the Deputy Editor, Imbibe UK about the first-ever Imbibe No & Low Taste Awards. They will discuss how this new sector is not only redefining the way we drink but also how we think about drinks too!

Meet Lindeman's Wine

6pm bst  / 3am aest / 1pm edt / 10am pdt

🇬🇧 🇮🇪 🇪🇺 🇺🇸 🇨🇦

Founded by Dr Henry Lindeman in 1843 and globally awarded for over 175 years, Lindeman’s is renowned for consistent quality and timeless appeal. Our winemakers use the Spinning Cone method to gently remove alcohol while retaining the great Lindeman’s taste. These wines are the perfect food pairing and are available at several stockists worldwide. The Lindeman’s team – committed to making the great taste of Lindeman’s wine accessible for all, championing positive lifestyle – ask your questions about alcohol-free wine to the Treasury Wine Estates team – Guy Roughley – Senior Business Manager and Wine Ambassador, Camilla Pendleton – Lindeman’s Brand Manager and Chantal McDowell.


7pm bst  / 4am aest / 2pm edt / 11am pdt

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Lauren Burnison, founder of We Love Lucid, chats to British singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan. Since her rise to fame on X Factor in 2012 Lucy has been kicking up a storm in the music world. This month she celebrates her one-year soberversary and has never felt better. Join us to get the low down on Lucy’s booze-free journey, her passion for fitness and being a sober person in the LGBTQ+ community.

Dating, Sex and Intimacy

8.30pm bst  / 6.30am aest / 3.30pm edt / 12.30pm pdt

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Join Tawny Lara, AKA The Sober Sexpert, an NYC-based writer and co-host of Recovery Rocks podcast, while she moderates a panel about Sober Dating, Sex, and Intimacy
Featured panellists include: Harriet Waley Cohen has been sober for almost 18 years and works to empower people to leave behind self-doubt and creator of The Warrior Queen’s Battlekit. Lazarus Letcher is an academic, musician, and a sober trans person who writes with grit and eloquence about the importance of making sobriety spaces inclusive for all.

Tiki Timeout presented by Lyre’s

11pm bst  / 8am (sat) aest / 6pm edt / 3pm pdt

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Join Jesse Peterson of Morning Glory, San Diego and Simple Serve along with Josh Carlos of Lyre’s as they showcase some non-alcoholic Tiki cocktails. Josh and Jesse will play with classic tiki recipes, as well as modern concepts to Imbibe while taking a timeout from drinking.

Fitness and Sobriety

12pm bst (Midnight) / 9am aest (Saturday) / 7pm edt / 4pm pdt

🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇦🇺 🇳🇿

Join host Amanda Kuda and Julia Baily, Kelly Fitzgerald Junco(aka Sober Señorita )  for a talk about hitting fitness goals whilst sober. Another guest to be announced!

Big Drop Brewery alcohol-free beers

Best of Low and No in North America

1am bst (Saturday) / 10am aest (Saturday) / 8pm edt / 5pm pdt

🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇦🇺 🇳🇿

Taste the best of the low and no drinks in North America, including Big Drop Brewing and Lyre’s under the guidance of Chris Marshall from Sans Bar in Austin, Texas and Listen Bar’s Lorelei Bandrovschi.

Dating & Relationships

2am bst (Saturday) / 11am aest (Saturday) / 9pm edt / 6pm pdt

🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇦🇺 🇳🇿

Join Tricia Lewis (host and producer of The Recovery Happy Hour podcast), Amanda Kuda and Richie Crowley to discuss dating and relationships. Richie Crowley is the seed that grew RICKiRICKi, a Creative Project Management Agency. He is a thoroughbred shaper, a curious, non-conforming, independent thinker. Amanda Kuda is a mindset & life coach for women who are ready to step into their most authentic truths. She works with alcohol-free and sober curious women who want to use sobriety as a catalyst to achieve a deeper connection with themselves and others. She created a course called “Mindful Dating” where she teaches her clients to transform their romantic interactions by showing up more intentionally.