Alcohol-Free Beer Doesn’t Have to Be Watery or Tasteless

Mindful Drinking Festival

By St Peter’s Brewery CEO, Steve Magnall

A few years ago the very idea of ordering an alcohol-free beer in a pub seemed a complete waste of money, give me a tonic water any day, and I reckon most ale drinkers would have agreed.

Of course, that made a night in the pub pretty boring if you were trying to stop drinking, or couldn’t drink for whatever reason. There was this huge gap in the market crying out to be filled and yet all that was arriving on the shelf (or bar) was weak, tasteless, and watery de-alcoholised lagers.

It was about three years ago that John Murphy, founder of St Peter’s Brewery, started talking about the creation of a real, alcohol-free craft beer. He wanted to create something about as far removed from Becks Blue as you could get. A punchy, full-bodied ale that would stand up against its alcoholic counterparts.

John had given up alcohol a few years earlier when he was diagnosed with cancer and to say he missed his weekend pint was an understatement! With a clear set of criteria our head brewer got to work and 18 months later Without Original hit the shelves.

Without Original is a malty, rich, and full-bodied zero-alcohol (0.0%) craft beer. It is made in exactly the same way as all of our beers, just without alcohol. There’s no de-alcoholisation or treatment to remove the alcohol, it just doesn’t exist, to begin with. And that’s where it differs to so many other options out there.

Pouring a pint of Without Original is like pouring a pint of your favourite ale. There’s a good head, a malty aroma, and when you drink it you get real flavour and satisfaction. It’s the perfect alternative and has quickly become a popular choice for non-drinkers or those looking to cut down on their units.

This summer we’ve launched a second zero alcohol beer, Without Gold, a delicious golden alcohol-free craft beer with a full-bodied, slightly sweet malt flavour combined with a citrus bitterness. It’s a great choice for ale and lager drinkers alike and is already creating a real buzz.

Finally, alcohol-free beer is getting the credibility it deserves and the range of choice on the market is growing all the time. For those beer lovers looking to kick the habit, there’s finally a bona fide choice that will ensure you won’t be missing out.

Without Original and Without Gold is available to buy at Tesco and online at