Vegan, gluten-free, Halal, sugar & carbohydrate information.

Mindful Drinking Festival

We know it’s irritating and time-consuming to have to check every label and ask everywhere you go about what’s vegan or gluten-free – so we put together a list of the drinks and food that will be suitable for vegan or gluten-free people at the Mindful Drinking Festival. Any brands or products not listed are unconfirmed – so you can inquire with individual traders on the day.


Soft drinks, tonics & bitters
Fentimans – Vegan & GF (most of their range is but please ask if you’re unsure about specific flavours on the day)
Nix and Knix – Vegan & GF
Pimento – Vegan & GF
Drink Gusto (0.05%) – Vegan & GF
Newton’s Appl Fizzics – Vegan & GF
Bitter Union (The ABV of this product is 31.5% when neat, however, customers should dilute down – 5 ml added to a 250ml drink makes it 0.61%alc) – Vegan & GF
Real Kombucha (abv:0.3%) – Vegan & GF
Peter Spanton – Vegan & GF
TeeTotal GnT (abv: less than 0.5%) – Vegan & GF
Prir – Vegan & GF
Cawston Press – Vegan & GF
Thomas & Evans No.1 – Vegan & GF
The London Essence – Vegan & GF
Monte Rosso – Vegan & GF
Kyle Whittington Teas – Vegan & GF
Lurvill’s Delight – Vegan & GF
Shrb – Vegan & GF
Thor – Vegan & GF
Real Remedies – Vegan & GF

Erdinger – Vegan
Square Root Half Cheeky Shandy – Vegan (we are unsure about the rest of their range)
Krombacher Pils – Vegan & GF
Heineken – Vegan & GF
Ambar – Vegan & GF
St Peter’s Without (including Gold) – Vegan
Fitbeer (abv:0.3%) – Vegan
Nirvana – Vegan

Botonique – Vegan & GF
Win wines (abv:0.2%) – Vegan
Bees Knees – Vegan & GF
Outfox – Vegan & GF

We have confirmed this information with the brands themselves, so do please continue to check if you’re unsure on the day, particularly if you have an allergy. Eisberg Wines and Big Drop brewing (beer) have confirmed that they are not vegan or gluten-free.

We’ll also have vegan & gluten-free food available, including our cake stand which is serving up vegan and GF cakes doughnuts and treats!

Sugar & carb levels

With regards to sugar and carbohydrate levels, we are unsure about those which are suitable for people who need to know for diabetic reasons. Most alcohol-free options are much lower in sugar than the alcoholic versions – but it’s the ideal time to ask the brands about these factors, to help you find your favourite alternatives.


The kitchen within the Bermondsey Square Hotel serves Halal meat and you’ll find no pork on their menu (please note there made be pork sold at the street-food stalls in the square.) Do check with our street food stalls as to what’s suitable for you too though – there are plenty of vegetarian or vegan options available. As with everything else, if you’re unsure – just ask.