16 reasons to go to an alcohol-free drinks festival

Mindful Drinking Festival

Club Soda has curated the UK’s first ever Mindful Drinking Festival, in association with Eisberg alcohol-free wines, showcasing the best non-alcoholic drinks for you to try.

But for those of you who haven’t already chosen the alcohol-free or moderate drinking path, let alone even heard of the Mindful Drinking Movement, why the hell would you want to be there?

Well, we’ve put together a list to help answer that exact question.

    1. It’s free. Everyone loves free stuff.
    2. It’s next month. And nobody likes to plan too far ahead or too last minute.
    3. The venue is Bermondsey Square & The Bermondsey Square Hotel, boasting the delights of both outdoor space AND indoor shelter for our classically unpredictable weather.
    4. It’s the first of its kind and the Mindful Drinking Movement is growing rapidly – and we all know Londoners like being there at the start of things. Like people who say “I saw that band play at a sh*t pub by my house in Hackney before anyone really knew about them.”
    5. Mindful Drinking isn’t about just giving up alcohol, or being against alcohol or being smug. It’s simply about changing habits. We want to make sure there are options out there for anyone who chooses not to drink, whether it’s long-term or just for one night because you’re driving.
    6. The drinks range on offer is incredible. We have everything from alcohol-free beers and wines to beauty elixirs and health drinks, to classy alcohol-free cocktails, and adult soft drinks, tonics and bitters. We also have master brewers and experts to answer any questions you may have.
    7. There’s street food. Including vegan and veggie options.
    8. We have craft beers. Most people associate alcohol-free beers with all of the historically terrible options we’ve had in the past. Things have changed. Now breweries are being built with the sole purpose of making alcohol-free versions of IPA’s, pales, stouts and lagers. And they taste really good. If you care at all about craft beer, then you’ll want to at least see if I’m telling the truth.
    9. There’ll be music. We’ve hand-picked some wicked local London based musicians to play throughout the day.
    10. You can bring your kids and they’ll have cool games and stuff to entertain them. Our face painter will also patiently churn out dozens of tigers, spidermans and butterfly princesses to keep them happy.
    11. If you’re health conscious or dieting. Low and no-alcohol drinks, whether they’re a beer or a juice, will typically be much lower in calories and sugar than alcoholic drinks. A lot of them will actually be good for you too, so come and discover some new options to compliment your routine.
    12. If you’re into wellness, yoga, fitness or meditation. Mindful drinking takes focus, positive attitude and determination too. Also, see 11.
    13. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. You can finally come to an adult event, where you won’t spend the whole day feeling left out. Everything is 0.5% and under, just like orange juice is, so you can safely try lots of our drinks – and discover a new favourite drink alternative. There’s also lots of seating.
    14. If you’ve never been interested in alcohol, so you don’t understand what all this ‘mindful drinking’ and ‘alcohol alternatives’ fuss is about? Well, you should come along anyway because there won’t be any p*ssed idiots there to ruin your nice day out and you’ll probably find something you really like.
    15. If you don’t drink for religious reasons. See 13 & 14. We think you’ll love it too.
    16. If you just occasionally decide not to drink or you’re sober-curious. You may not have categorised yourself as moderate or mindful. Maybe you’re just not that into drinking. Maybe you’re safety conscious. Maybe you just get a bit tired with booze. Maybe you just like tasting things. Come and up your game at the festival, and discover some new alternatives that’ll help see you through parties in the future.

If you’d like some non-biased information about the festival (ie not from us) then check out the News section of our website, to see what people have been saying – from news and blog hubs including The Independent, Guardian and Metro.

So have we persuaded you yet? Whatever the reason, come and hang out with us on 13th August 2017, from 12noon to 6pm and see what you think. You can RSVP at https://mindfuldrinkingfestival.com/