Media FAQs

What is Club Soda?

Club Soda is a London based startup helping people change their drinking, whether they want to do a sober sprint, drink more mindfully, or go alcohol-free. Club Soda offer online behaviour change tools, email programmes, workshops and socials, and a supportive community. We have also built the first pub guide for Mindful Drinkers.

You can find out more here.

Why a festival?

We get asked all the time about what to drink instead. We do lots of reviews and tasting events. People really do want to know how to replace their favourite tipple with something that is tasty, sippable and most importantly low in sugar. In fact, our blog on sugar, alcohol and the alternatives has been our top blog every week since we put it up.

What we know is that everyone is curious, whether they are looking to go alcohol-free or just drink more mindfully. So, we wanted to bring the best products we know together in one place so everyone could have a try. A beer/wine festival without the hangover. So you still have the whole weekend to do whatever you like!

What is “mindful drinking”?

Mindful drinking is an attitude.

You can change the way you think and feel about alcohol. When you drink mindfully, you become aware of how your body and mind are affected, and can decide if you’re okay with that. You get that bit of space to take control of your drinking habits.

For a lot of people, mindful drinking involves moderation. That could be a lower percentage drink, cutting down for a week, or doing a sober sprint like Dry January. Motivations vary too. You could have a slimming or fitness goal, want to save cash, keep your mind sharp, or might just not be up for drinking tonight.

Remember this – drinking alcohol is not compulsory.

Being mindful about your drinking is all about deciding what is right for you today. You are in control.

Is 0.5% alcohol-free and what is “low alcohol”?

Legally, the terminology is a bit confusing (you can see a bit about the background and campaigning on this issue here), but in practice, we consider anything that is less than 0.5% ABV alcohol as alcohol-free but if they contain more than 0.05% they do, by law, have to be labelled low alcohol if made in the UK.

The “non-alcoholic” beers and wines at this festival can have anything from 0 to 0.5% alcohol in them. If that’s an issue for you, we recommend that you don’t drink them. There will be plenty of other things to try from tea and coffee to craft sodas, fancy waters and even Kombucha.

Can you get drunk on a 0 – 0.5% beer or wine? It would be nearly impossible to get drunk from drinking them, and don’t forget fruit juices have a trace of alcohol in them too (such as bananas, for example!). You will process any alcohol quicker than you can drink it.

Pubs do not need a licence to serve anything 0.5% or under. This festival does not need an alcohol licence either.