Key stats for the media

The UK has a growing number of mindful drinkers

There are plenty of people who prefer to have non-alcoholic options.

Mindful drinkers want better options

The Club Soda Guide is the result of ongoing research, looking at how to change the behaviour of pubs and bars to the growing number of people not drinking or moderating their alcohol consumption. You can read the full report here. Some highlights are:

  • 73% of those surveyed would like to see new and unusual flavours of drinks in the pub
  • 66% want lower sugar options
  • Over half want more availability of non-alcoholic beers too
  • 57% confirm that the choice of low and no alcohol drinks does influence their decision of which venues to go to
  • Cost rarely makes an appearance in the answers, indicating that most customers would be willing to pay more for a healthier, more adult-feeling soft drink.

All customers want choice

Findings from LWC Drinks 2016:

  •  62% of customers want to find options available on a menu, with 48% looking at the back of the bar
  • 83% of customers rate lower sugar options as important
  • 1 in 5 customers say there is not enough choice on offer
  • 29% of customers choose a non-alcoholic drink because they don’t fancy an alcoholic drink at the time

The drinks industry is catching up

At a drinks industry event in October 2017. Dan Gasper, chief operating officer of Distill Ventures (Diageo’s fund for new drinks) stated that ‘the biggest opportunity in the drinks industry is the emergence of the non-alcoholic category’.

Non-alcoholic beer is big news!

In the UK, sales of low and non-alcoholic beer grew by 20.5% over the 12 months to July 2017.

Non-alcoholic beer may have had a bad reputation, but that is fast disappearing: Mintel says that “over one quarter of German consumers (27 percent) agree that low/no alcohol beer tastes just as good as full-strength beer”

Nanny State 0.5% ale is Brewdog’s 4th biggest selling beer (source).

Quotes from dudes in the know

“It’s no longer enough just to have regular juices and sodas available – people want to drink better things and we can see this being an increasingly important part of our market. The success of things like Sober October and Dry January show that there’s definitely a market out there.”

Paul Mathew, co-owner The Arbitrager

“Do not underestimate the alcohol free market. As people have become more savvy with what they eat, they also look at what they are drinking. Our food menu has got plenty of vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and calorie-light options these days, and so our drink menu has the same kind of options.”

James Daley, manager of The Draft House

“Many people don’t drink or don’t drink alcohol all of the time but they are underserved – who wants to drink cola all of the time?”

Gellert Krizso, Bar Manager of Grain Store

“The industry now needs to innovate to remain relevant and respond to changes in consumer tastes and drinking habits. We need to make sure as consumers if we want to have a wider choice that we make our voices heard and the industry responses to that.”

David Wilson from the Beer and Pub Association