London’s Best beer under 0.5%

Mindful Drinking Festival

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Chocolate Milk StoutBig Drop Brewing Co.

ABV: 0.5%
Type: Chocolate Milk Stout
What Club Soda members say:
“Oh my goodness they were good. Far better than anything else I’ve had”
“Dark and rich, this is amazing”
Contact Big Drop: Rob Fink email or phone 07540 309928.

Where can I get it? The Draft House are stocking this new kid on the block.


ABV: 0.5%
Type: Citrus Pale Ale
What Club Soda members say:
“The citrusy tones went well with the seafood ”
“Hints of pine and honey, and the taste is citrussy with a hint of grapefruit”
Contact Big Drop: Rob Fink email or phone 07540 309928.



Fitbeer alcohol free beer


From London brother and sister Becky and Joe. 

ABV: Less than 0.3%
Type: Lager
What is it like? A delicious craft lager, full of flavour and no weird aftertaste – a perfect balance of earthy hops and malt sweetness. Truly Bavarian in flavour, it has a deep golden-straw like colour and is crisp and refreshing. Only 66 calories per bottle, high in vitamin B and a natural isotonic. Becky 07582868379 / 02035797071 or Joe 07506545616.

Where can I get it? Rudds in the City, Jackdaw and Star Pub and  The Star by Hackney Downs


st-peters-without-copySt Peter’s Without

On tap in the Jerusalem Tavern and other London pubs.

ABV: 0.05%
Type: Ale
What is it like? “Light malty taste. Went well with ploughman’s lunch.” “Nice rye taste – a bit like a good rye bread!”

Where can I get it? On tap in The Jerusalem Tavern in Clerkenwell and The Britannia near Monument.

nanny-state-copyNanny State from Brewdog

On tap in London’s Brewdog Bars.

ABV: 0.5%
Type: Pale ale
What Club Soda members say:
“A good proper beer” & “Buttery & herby”
“Pretty good! Smelt floral and smooth but tasted a tad too bitter for me. I could manage about two on a night out with food”

Where can I get it? On tap in Brewdog Shoreditch and in bottles in every All Bar One and Draft House as well as a healthy handful of pubs in the City.

Erdinger Alkoholfrei

ABV: 0.4%
Type: German wheat beer – Isotonic
What is it like? Beer as a sport recovery drink? Well yes! Erdinger Alkoholfrei is a refreshing low alcohol isotonic recovery drink. It provides the body with essential vitamins such as folic acid and vitamin B12 which help reduce fatigue, promote energy-yielding metabolism and support the immune system.
Where can I get it? Most All Bar Ones, Wetherspoons, The Ship, The White Heart, The Shakespeare, The Electricity Showrooms.

Nirvana Brewery

A small, independent craft brewery dedicated to making the finest low and no alcohol beer.

ABV: 0.0%
Type: Kosmic Stout
Where can I get it? From their website or Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch.

ABV: 0.0%
Type: Tantra Pale Ale
Where can I get it? From their website or Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch.